This stuff isn't complicated, but people love to pretend it is. I'm not gonna do you like that. Below is a very stripped down set of suggestions for getting started with your first roll of film. Questions? Show up to Monday Morning Office Hours and ask away!

Camera Suggestions

Something that has a flash, fits in a purse or fanny pack or around your neck easily, and is <$100. Preferably <$50. Don't get lost in the blogosphere's opinion posts about what point and shoot camera is better. If you find one and aren't sure, show up to office hours on Monday and ask me.


Get 35mm Portra 400 or Kodak Gold 200 (or Fuji 200 since it's probably the same thing).


Not all labs are created equal. It's something I talk about a lot on my Instagram. If you're in ATX I've got a local suggestion for you. If not, google something local OR send it to one of these mail-in labs if you're in the US:

  • The Find Lab
  • Rewind Lab
  • Photovision Lab
  • Indie Film Lab
  • Goodman Film Lab
  • Richard Photo Lab

I'm missing a bunch, but whatever. If you're a lab that wants on my list, let me know.