Take back your time!

Editing can be really hard. And time consuming. And after awhile staring at the same gallery for awhile, your eyes start playing tricks on you and suddenly you wonder if you've wasted hours of your time and you'll have to start over. Are these all 5K too cool? Too warm? What if I added contrast? UGH.

That's what I'm here to help you with! You'll get your time back, your sanity back, your precious weekdays during busy portrait and wedding seasons.

Hybrid shooters

I love film so much I develop and scan my own at home. I'm into it! For this reason, my eyes are really keyed into editing for film and hybrid shooters. I specialize in matching to anchor images and scans using primarily The Archetype Process profiles. It doesn't matter to me if you're a light and airy or a dark and moody shooter, so long as you shoot film, I'll match to it.

How the process works

It's really easy, I promise!

  1. Reach out to me! We'll discuss what you need, what it means to you for me to edit the sessions you send, and discuss pricing so there are no surprises.
  2. Upload your images into a Lightroom Catalog and cull away
  3. Once you've settled on the images you want edited, edit and/or choose your anchor images. Anchor images are what I'll use to match the rest of your images to while I'm editing the gallery. You generally need a new anchor image every time the location or the lighting severely changes. You're welcome to have multiple anchor images for the same settings. It's just more information for me! Select your anchor images and set the color label to Red so I can easily sort and find them.
  4. Export your catalog with only the Build/ Include Smart Previews option chosen. Name the catalog using the following structure: Your_Business_Name-YY-MM-Shoot_Name
  5. I'll send you a Google drive folder link. You'll select the exported folder Lightroom created for your catalog and pop it into Google drive to upload. How fast this goes will depend on the speed of your internet and the speed of the hard drive you're working from. I recommend setting it up before you go to bed and just letting it run over night so it doesn't get in the way of other tasks you've got going on during the day.
  6. Send me an email at danielle@photography-by-danielle.com once the folder is uploaded to Google.
  7. Once I receive the catalog and confirm I can open it, I'll send you an invoice for the editing services you've selected. I don't begin work until I've received payment.

And that's it! When I'm done, I'll upload the finished catalog to Google and send you a quick message saying it's complete!

Pricing & Details

Editing - $0.30/image (includes cropping, straightening, color correction, preset application)

I only take jobs with at least 100 images in the collection. Feel free to combine sessions to reach the job minimum.

Culling - $0.05/image (calculated based on how many images are in your gallery)

I require you to work with me at least once before I offer culling so I get a feel for what images are important to you.

Turnaround Time

Session - 5 business days from the date I receive payment

Wedding - 7 business days from the date I receive payment

Rush Session (2 business day delivery) - $35

Rush Wedding - Minimum of $50 depending on gallery size and how fast it's needed, message me for information

Reach out so we can work together!

Expect a response in 2-3 business days, often sooner.