Currently on pause for busy season. Resuming in February.

What are Monday Morning Office Hours?

Exactly what you imagine from college.... except you'll actually come to these.

Sometimes we just have a quick question or need clarification but we want to physically talk to someone. Enter: Office Hourse.

I'll leave my Office Hours virtual door open every week from 8-8:30A CST. All you have to do is click on the link, join the room, and I'll be there to chat. You can ask quick questions or we can have more in-depth chats about ideas you're considering pursuing or challenges you're experiencing with a new technique.

What kind of things can you ask about?

I'm really into film photography, but to a limited degree I can help you with basic digital photography questions as well. You can ask advanced, film questions about things like digital camera scanning, shooting with different film stocks, and starting to develop your own film at home. Or you can come with more beginner questions such as how to use your new, fancy digital camera, what kinds of lenses to use for what style of work, whatever!

The point is that I'm not putting too many boundaries on these office hours. I want to give back to a really beautiful film community and hopefully inspire even more people to join the fray.

Bookmark this link-- it'll never change. Come as often as you like, stay as long as I'm available.

This is what it'll probably look like when you show up for Office Hours

I'm hosting them through a site called Whereby. The link will always be the same to join (so bookmark it!), you'll "knock," and I'll let you in to join Office Hours. You shouldn't have to download or sign up for anything, though you'll want to allow it access to your Mic and Camera so I can see you. You'll be able to share your screen if you're having Lightroom troubles or show me your camera/ scanning set up if you've got issues with that.

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