For a quick explanation on the 5 reasons you should be digital camera scanning your film, check out my video below!

It's cheaper!

Hey! If you're not paying a lab $15 a roll (or more) to scan your film, that just goes right back in your pocket (along with ultra-high res scans because you've got a fancy modern camera)! Okay... let's be real, you can at least buy more film with it.

You get better scans

You might be surprised-- all those negatives you've gotten back that you were like "eh... I feel like these could've been better, but whatever," they could've. They really could've been better. And you can make sure that's how they turn out!

More reliable

Relative to buying a big, honking machine from 1990 that has no OEM available to buy spare parts from and no service center to call if you need support, you better believe your 2020 digital camera is more reliable!

Develop as an artist

Labs have personalities and personal tastes. Lab techs too. Unless you find a way to plug a cord directly into their brainstem, their color decisions will never match yours exactly. And you'll never know what you might like without the full flexibility of color grading your own film.

Anchor images

Even if you choose to still send some film negatives to a lab, you'll be able to create better anchor images for your lab techs to work from. Your scans will come back closer to what you want, making your workflow that much more efficient.

Here's that video I mentioned ;) Enjoy!