I love photographing weddings BUT I don't want to be the primary photographer.

I don't have any interest in booking them/ managing them/ whatever unless they're close friends or family. I'm not in that phase of life anymore. I do, however, love the energy of wedding days. I love going around making MOB's feel like qweens, herding groomsmen cats, running for and drying wet bouquets for bridesmaids right before group portraits. I like helping YOU, the primary photographer, out. And then I love having nothing to do with them again.

It took me awhile to realize this about myself. I thought if I was photographing weddings, I should be booking my own. I simply don't find joy in that part of the process. So, I'll be there early for you. I'll be over-prepared and communicative. Maybe this is all weird, but maybe also who cares?

Rates & Details

Second Shooting

My second shooting rate is $60/hr. I'm happy to manage groomsmen getting ready if you need. I can also be more of an assistant/ backup or even a film shooter if you want to begin incorporating that into your brand or it already is. If you don't need me there for the whole reception, send me home! No biggie.

Non-Shooting Assistant

Just need someone to load film, carry bags, move lights, etc? I don't mind doing this either! I only do Non-Shooting Assistant gigs in the Austin area, and take them on a case-by-case basis (read: when I'm feeling burnt out mothering and want to get out of the house and spend some time with talented creatives). I'm very likely to be in a "hell yeah!" mood if you're a film shooter and need help loading/ labeling/ metering/ etc.



I shoot full format Nikon cameras. I have a d850 DSLR and a z7 ii mirrorless camera (both have dual card slots, 45.7MP, good in low light). The z7 ii will be my primary digital camera for a lot of the wedding day. Lenses are mostly fast primes, F mount with the FTZii adapter: 28, 35, 50, 58, 85.


I'm happy to shoot film for you on wedding day. A dream second shooting gig would be the primary telling me to shoot film backup for funsies. I have a Nikon f100 (35mm), Fuji Klasse W (28mm point and shoot), Yashica mat124G (so I can handle a TLR), and a Pentax 645 (with 45mm, 75mm, and the 6x7's 105). I use a little Sekonic pocketmate light meter.


I'll bring 2 Nikon speedlite's, magmod diffuser, spare batteries, light meter, Godox trigger/ receivers, and a Sharpie/ Ziploc bag for labeling and storing your film for you if you're shooting it.