Session Prep

Here's the deal. You really can't do this wrong. By showing up, photos will magically hit your inbox in 2 or 3 weeks, and that's the goal. From there it's just varying degrees of awesome. So consider this next part totally optional ways to increase your awesomeness.

Mini sessions are limited to 5 people. More than 5 requires a full Family Session booking.

Stay off Pinterest

The last thing you want to do is imitate someone pretending to enjoy themselves. Take your time driving to the session. Get a coffee and a cake pop. Hug your partner and tell 'em they've got a nice butt. Whatever. We win when we are grateful to be ourselves and embrace the season of life we're currently living, letting go of expectations, and letting our otherness shine.

Lean in and play

I'll suggest ways to pose and if you don't want to do them, don't. If you want to jump, jump. If you want to twirl, twirl. If you want to lick the inside of your partner's ear all of a sudden-- go for it. The more you move and lean into the people you're with, the more authentic the experience will turn out. You're quite enough. (This goes for your kids too.)

Wardrobe styling

I could write a ton or nothing about this. But I have a few simple "rules," that really help:

  1. Make sure you feel good in it! Don't wear something that feels like someone else. Be you. You're rad.
  2. Don't wear super tiny patterns like itty bitty plaid or polka dots. It can do weird things to the camera sensor. Google "moire" if you're curious.
  3. If your session is planned for outdoors, surrounded by green trees, don't wear all green. You'll look like a chameleon.
  4. Make sure you're comfortable. Don't wear ultra short anything, especially with kids. You'll spend half your time chasing your kids and the other half pulling down your outfit.
  5. Avoid ballgowns. Make sure your outfit makes sense for the location.

Naps and snacks

If you've got kids, naps beforehand are your friend. So are snacks. Snacks on snacks. When my daughter was little I liked to put her down for a nap in what we were going to take photos in, because it helped avoid the occasional post-nap wardrobe meltdown. If we're doing a mini session, planning a fun activity for the kids after the session (like an ice cream outing) to refer to while we're shooting can be helpful. If we're planning a full-session, consider making part of the session an activity itself (building magnatiles, making cookies, swinging on a swingset for a break, etc.).

Embrace imperfect

This is a note especially for families, because I've been there. Embrace your kids needing to be kids. To run and play and hide underneath your dress. To refuse to wear anything but their spiderverse pajamas. It's okay. Actually, it's better than okay, it's perfect and real.


Last but not least, dogs. I love dogs, here's a pic of mine! The thing about dogs though is they add another dimension of crazy to a session, especially a mini session. If you want to bring your dogs to a mini session or a full outdoor session at a park or somewhere other than your house I ask you do three things-- let me know ahead of time, bring high value treats, and bring along someone to help with them. If you have questions, just ask!