For all course purchase options:

Download Negative Lab Pro

I recommend downloading and making sure Negative Lab Pro (NLP) is set up on your machine a day or two before you are scheduled to take any live course. If you're taking a recorded version of the course, just have it done before you kick off. The Trial version only allows for a certain number of conversions, so I recommend not running it until you're ready to convert some of the course files.

There is a student discount available for this software. Email the creator and he'll set you up if you are one.

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Unzip the Practice Negatives

These are your practice negatives to play around with converting. They're all negatives of mine, so have fun. I don't care. Don't sell them. ha! There are recommended conversion settings for each image in the back of the eBook. Feel free to use or ignore these suggestions completely, but the hope is that they help you feel comfortable with the toggles and dials as you familiarize yourself with Negative Lab Pro.

(Optional) Fill out this get-to-know-ya survey

By no means do you have to fill out this survey, but it's not long, and it's designed to just give me an idea of where everyone is starting their digital camera scanning journey, what they want out of the course, and help me give you a more personalized experience and recommendations based on what you want to achieve.

Pre-Work get to know ya survey

(Optional) Watch this quick video so you know where we're going at the beginning of class.

For Deluxe course purchasers, you should also:

Join the Facebook Group

Every week I post a new conversion or how-to video about digital camera scanning. I also answer questions and help you troubleshoot so that others can learn from your journey as well. Additionally, it's a fun space to share successes and snafus along the way.

You only get access to this group if you've purchased the Deluxe version of the course.

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Unzip the Secret Bonus Negatives

I can't help myself. And I thought it would be fun to give some more challenging negatives to play around with. You'll learn quickly that a lot of the magic is in the conversions. The actual "scanning" of the negative is pretty easy. I see a lot of poorly converted but well scanned negatives online, and I think it's because people don't fully take advantage of all the dials. I don't want that for you. I want it to feel like second nature getting these to >>chef's kiss<< perfection!

Download the eBook

You do not have to read this eBook before taking the course. The eBook is there to guide you a little more slowly, a little more completely as you're learning. The workshop talks you through the general setup, scanning, and conversion process, but the eBook suggests specific equipment, slows down and shows specific conversion steps, etc. The ePub has working, interactive video links. The PDF does not, but I've thrown it in there because some people wanted to print it out more easily to take notes on.

Send me your 35mm or 120 negatives!

Look, I get it, you might not immediately want to jump in and buy all the gear right at the beginning, so I welcome you to send me up to 2 rolls of your own negatives for me to scan and digitally return to you so you can play with them. I recommend you sending one roll you loved your lab scans from so you can learn how to match to their results and one roll you didn't like the lab's results so you can improve on them. Email me for the address to send them to.

Email me for address

That's it! You're ready to start the workshop content.

As always, send me a message if you have any questions or issues

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